Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 6: Traversing the Outskirts of Xalas

After exiting The Amala Network, the party ends up in Xalas where they meet up with a man named Tsugihagi. Their introduction is cut short as a large demon approaches, forcing Tsugihagi to flee into a hidden portal. The party follows him and ends up being teleported to the middle of the island. Using the map function of their COMP, the party navigates their way to the outskirts of the island so they can reach a ruin that holds a lift which will allow them to reach the center of the island. During their adventure, the party runs into a woman named Kaga who gets split up from the group once they finally reach the ruins. In the innermost chamber of the ruins, where the lift lies, the party meets back up with Tsugihagi just before being attacked by a large, plant-based demon and several undead warriors as well. The party overcame this obstacle and headed towards the lift only to see Kaga taking it down. They learned that she was behind the plant’s attack though she seemed to only want Tsugihagi dead. Angered just by seeing her, he jumped down the shaft and chased after her. Eventually, the lift returned back up, allowing the party to follow those two down…

Chapter 5: The Amala Network

Fighting their way through the forest again, the party eventually returns back to the city gates where they are held up at gunpoint by Yamato and the rest of the EDF. The humans explain the situation but the non-humans in the group are still kept under close watch outside. Returning to the Tower of Kagutsuchi, the humans detail their adventure thus far to the Lith’gha. Disappointed that the Yahirono Himorogi was stolen from them, Emi doesn’t get too hung up on the prospect as she reveals that the Lith’gha discovered the locations of two other remnants while the party was out. With one detected in Xalas and the other in Serengurd, the humans decide that Xalas should be their first destination. Before leaving, they make sure to grab a handheld charger to bring back to Hikawa for his device.

Once the party rests up, they meet back up with the other half of the party and make their way back to Mokoi. Giving Hikawa the charger, the device shows them that Gaiorgos is also heading to Xalas prompting Hikawa to allow the party to use Mokoi’s Terminal in order to beat him to the punch. Once the group activates it, they find themselves trapped in The Amala Network instead. They work their way through a series of trials until they meet up with Kei and STEVEN who was the one who brought them there in the first place. He did so in order to gauge their current power and decided that they needed to be stronger if they were going to be the ones to shape the world. Before releasing them back to Xalas, he upgrades everyones’ COMPS to give them a better chance at stopping Gaiorgos and acquiring the 2nd remnant.

Chapter 4: Los Todesengels

Shortly after grabbing the Yahirono Himorogi, a loud explosion disrupts the peace and a large, Dragonborn man enters the room alongside four other people. The man introduces himself as Gaiorgos and that he too is searching for the remnant. Exhausted from their previous battle, the party was in no shape to resist this new threat so they try to break the artifact in defiance. This spurs Gaiorgos into action as he flies across the room and impales the man holding the artifact. The life fades from his eyes as he drops the object, allowing Gaiorgos to catch it. After tossing the man aside like a ragdoll, the rest of the party tries to get it back but each of their blows are easily parried. Disgusted by their lack of power, Gaiorgos sees no reason to bully them and he leaves immediately, taking the remnant with him. Recovering their strength, the party makes their way back up to see Hikawa who looks like he had his own tussle with Gaiorgos. After patching him up, he says that he can track down Gaiorgos’ location but he needs a handheld charger to get a device working. Knowing that the Lith’gha have such a thing in store, the party heads back to Ehn’gha in order to retrieve it…

Chapter 3: Mokoi & The First Remnant

The party enters the ruined city of Mokoi and is shocked by the sheer number of rotting corpses that litter the streets. Carefully stepping over them, they take a roundabout way into the city’s central tower where they get caught in an arcane trap. The spell seals them in the room they’re in until a mysterious woman named Kei lets them out. She reveals that she is living in the city along with a man named Hikawa and takes the party to him. As friendly as he is sharply dressed, Hikawa tells the party how to reach the basement of the tower where the artifact is believed to be. Following his direction, they go down but accidentally trigger another trap which floods the room. Barely making it out alive, the party continues down their path until an object begins to glow in Zezelryck’s pocket. The object acts as a beacon and guides the group to a secret room where they encounter Mother Harlot, a terribly powerful Fiend who Zezelryck was on a mission to kill. Since the party was with him, she grew hostile and attacked everyone forcing them to kill her. The party was nearly killed by her hands but in the end, she was no match for their combined power. Upon defeat, she relinquished her piece of Candelabrum to Zezelryck and also revealed the hiding place of the first remnant, the Yahirono Himorogi!

Chapter 2: The Mother of the Forest

The mysterious assailant who enslaved half the party introduced himself as Zezelryck. On his way to Mokoi for his own reasons, the humans joined up with him and his “slaves” mostly in a way to figure out how to emancipate the non-humans safely. Traveling on foot, they continued their venture through the forest, battling numerous demons together until they reached a small oasis which served as a portal for the water goddess, Nakisawame, to enter our realm. Reinvigorated by her healing powers, they made their way to the edge of the forest where they were ambushed by a powerful demon named Hariti. The battle with her was a tough one and only by setting the forest on fire did they manage to finally gain the upper hand. After defeating her, they stepped out of the forest and gazed upon the city of Mokoi which loomed over the horizon…

Chapter 1: It Begins

Humans: Intrigued by the Lith’gha’s proposition, the party travels to the Tower of Kagutsuchi to learn more about their plan to get rid of The Aether. They met with Emi Tachikawa who gave them each a Magatama and a COMP to use before sending them out to find an artifact that they detected in the neighboring city of Mokoi. With everything they need to venture out of the city for the first time since the miasma broke out, the group makes their way into the nearby forest when a large, rumbling crash shakes the ground like an earthquake…

Non-Humans: Riding aboard the Toorkest, an airship owned by one of the PC’s, the party travels above the Aether in search of resources to bring back to Azinleer. En route, they are attacked by a mysterious assailant riding a dragon. Jumping from his winged mount, the enemy boards the ship and incapacitates the party, crashing the ship into the Yahirono Forest. Before the Aether can mutate the party further, the assailant feeds everyone a Magatama before equipping them with an Enslaving Neckband, a voice-activated device which triggered systemic pain responses when disobeyed. It also tied their lives to the slaver…if his heart stopped for any reason, the neckband would discharge a lethal dose. When they woke up to learn of their fates, several footsteps were fast approaching…


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