Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 2: The Mother of the Forest

The mysterious assailant who enslaved half the party introduced himself as Zezelryck. On his way to Mokoi for his own reasons, the humans joined up with him and his “slaves” mostly in a way to figure out how to emancipate the non-humans safely. Traveling on foot, they continued their venture through the forest, battling numerous demons together until they reached a small oasis which served as a portal for the water goddess, Nakisawame, to enter our realm. Reinvigorated by her healing powers, they made their way to the edge of the forest where they were ambushed by a powerful demon named Hariti. The battle with her was a tough one and only by setting the forest on fire did they manage to finally gain the upper hand. After defeating her, they stepped out of the forest and gazed upon the city of Mokoi which loomed over the horizon…



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