Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 3: Mokoi & The First Remnant

The party enters the ruined city of Mokoi and is shocked by the sheer number of rotting corpses that litter the streets. Carefully stepping over them, they take a roundabout way into the city’s central tower where they get caught in an arcane trap. The spell seals them in the room they’re in until a mysterious woman named Kei lets them out. She reveals that she is living in the city along with a man named Hikawa and takes the party to him. As friendly as he is sharply dressed, Hikawa tells the party how to reach the basement of the tower where the artifact is believed to be. Following his direction, they go down but accidentally trigger another trap which floods the room. Barely making it out alive, the party continues down their path until an object begins to glow in Zezelryck’s pocket. The object acts as a beacon and guides the group to a secret room where they encounter Mother Harlot, a terribly powerful Fiend who Zezelryck was on a mission to kill. Since the party was with him, she grew hostile and attacked everyone forcing them to kill her. The party was nearly killed by her hands but in the end, she was no match for their combined power. Upon defeat, she relinquished her piece of Candelabrum to Zezelryck and also revealed the hiding place of the first remnant, the Yahirono Himorogi!



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