Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 4: Los Todesengels

Shortly after grabbing the Yahirono Himorogi, a loud explosion disrupts the peace and a large, Dragonborn man enters the room alongside four other people. The man introduces himself as Gaiorgos and that he too is searching for the remnant. Exhausted from their previous battle, the party was in no shape to resist this new threat so they try to break the artifact in defiance. This spurs Gaiorgos into action as he flies across the room and impales the man holding the artifact. The life fades from his eyes as he drops the object, allowing Gaiorgos to catch it. After tossing the man aside like a ragdoll, the rest of the party tries to get it back but each of their blows are easily parried. Disgusted by their lack of power, Gaiorgos sees no reason to bully them and he leaves immediately, taking the remnant with him. Recovering their strength, the party makes their way back up to see Hikawa who looks like he had his own tussle with Gaiorgos. After patching him up, he says that he can track down Gaiorgos’ location but he needs a handheld charger to get a device working. Knowing that the Lith’gha have such a thing in store, the party heads back to Ehn’gha in order to retrieve it…



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