Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 5: The Amala Network

Fighting their way through the forest again, the party eventually returns back to the city gates where they are held up at gunpoint by Yamato and the rest of the EDF. The humans explain the situation but the non-humans in the group are still kept under close watch outside. Returning to the Tower of Kagutsuchi, the humans detail their adventure thus far to the Lith’gha. Disappointed that the Yahirono Himorogi was stolen from them, Emi doesn’t get too hung up on the prospect as she reveals that the Lith’gha discovered the locations of two other remnants while the party was out. With one detected in Xalas and the other in Serengurd, the humans decide that Xalas should be their first destination. Before leaving, they make sure to grab a handheld charger to bring back to Hikawa for his device.

Once the party rests up, they meet back up with the other half of the party and make their way back to Mokoi. Giving Hikawa the charger, the device shows them that Gaiorgos is also heading to Xalas prompting Hikawa to allow the party to use Mokoi’s Terminal in order to beat him to the punch. Once the group activates it, they find themselves trapped in The Amala Network instead. They work their way through a series of trials until they meet up with Kei and STEVEN who was the one who brought them there in the first place. He did so in order to gauge their current power and decided that they needed to be stronger if they were going to be the ones to shape the world. Before releasing them back to Xalas, he upgrades everyones’ COMPS to give them a better chance at stopping Gaiorgos and acquiring the 2nd remnant.



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