Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 6: Traversing the Outskirts of Xalas

After exiting The Amala Network, the party ends up in Xalas where they meet up with a man named Tsugihagi. Their introduction is cut short as a large demon approaches, forcing Tsugihagi to flee into a hidden portal. The party follows him and ends up being teleported to the middle of the island. Using the map function of their COMP, the party navigates their way to the outskirts of the island so they can reach a ruin that holds a lift which will allow them to reach the center of the island. During their adventure, the party runs into a woman named Kaga who gets split up from the group once they finally reach the ruins. In the innermost chamber of the ruins, where the lift lies, the party meets back up with Tsugihagi just before being attacked by a large, plant-based demon and several undead warriors as well. The party overcame this obstacle and headed towards the lift only to see Kaga taking it down. They learned that she was behind the plant’s attack though she seemed to only want Tsugihagi dead. Angered just by seeing her, he jumped down the shaft and chased after her. Eventually, the lift returned back up, allowing the party to follow those two down…



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