Remnants of the Aether

Chapter 1: It Begins

Humans: Intrigued by the Lith’gha’s proposition, the party travels to the Tower of Kagutsuchi to learn more about their plan to get rid of The Aether. They met with Emi Tachikawa who gave them each a Magatama and a COMP to use before sending them out to find an artifact that they detected in the neighboring city of Mokoi. With everything they need to venture out of the city for the first time since the miasma broke out, the group makes their way into the nearby forest when a large, rumbling crash shakes the ground like an earthquake…

Non-Humans: Riding aboard the Toorkest, an airship owned by one of the PC’s, the party travels above the Aether in search of resources to bring back to Azinleer. En route, they are attacked by a mysterious assailant riding a dragon. Jumping from his winged mount, the enemy boards the ship and incapacitates the party, crashing the ship into the Yahirono Forest. Before the Aether can mutate the party further, the assailant feeds everyone a Magatama before equipping them with an Enslaving Neckband, a voice-activated device which triggered systemic pain responses when disobeyed. It also tied their lives to the slaver…if his heart stopped for any reason, the neckband would discharge a lethal dose. When they woke up to learn of their fates, several footsteps were fast approaching…



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