Airi Ban


A previous resident of Serengurd, Airi moved to Ehn’gha to live with Junpei, who was her boyfriend at the time. Airi came from a rich background and cursed her parents for not having been related to the twin lords, Angr and Boda. To most she comes off as nothing more than a spoiled brat but she means the world to Junpei. The scarf around her neck is a present from him, acknowledging her love for cultured music. She is a huge fan of the music band, D-Va but hates Hinako since she believes her to be the reason why the band split up.

She was with the group when they first met Emi in the the Tower of Kagutsuchi though she refused to swallow a Magatama on account of it being too gross.


Airi Ban

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