Fumi Kanno


Fumi has been Otome’s apprentice at Ehn’gha Hospital, helping aid her with the many patients that used to flood the place back in the day. Though she is not as attuned in the field of medicine as Otome, she instead has an incredible knack when it comes to science. She suffers from mild autism and like most autistic people she has an amazing aptitude for mathematics, specifically chaos, logiistics, quantum theory and physics. Her obsessive studies of these subjects has enabled her to harness the ability to alter the very fabrics of space and time itself. People that have been within her vicinity have experienced paranormal phenomenon such as “missing time”, mass hallucinations, and the spontaneous teleportation of hospital personnel and equipment. A lot of people are scared of her power and only Otome has showed any actual friendship towards her. Because of this, she can sometimes come off as very shy.

She left Ehn’gha with the initial party on their quest to Mokoi and her arcane powers have proved useful numerous times. Though she is clearly powerful, she is emotionally fragile and the number of deaths she has seen first-hand took a large toll on her. She had nearly died in the Yahirono Forest but her life was saved thanks to Ronaldo.

She appears to have a slight crush on Jungo.

Fumi Kanno

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