Gaiorgos Adranes

The one who seeks vengeance...


Gaiorgos is the general of the Dragoon Knights in Azinleer that worship Tiamat, the vile dragon goddess. Before our story began, Gaiorgos had led an ambush against Azinleer’s Dragonborn clergy during one of their expeditions to seek a way to purge the land of The Aether blight.

Gaiorgos reappeared shortly after the party’s battle with Mother Harlot and stole the Yahirono Himorogi. Exhausted from their previous fight, the party was unable to stop him and he left them with mercy, disappointed in their physical prowess.

He is currently en route to retrieve the second anomaly from the city of Xalas. The party races to get to it before he can.


Gaiorgos Adranes

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