The one who seeks progression...


Cast out of the Lith’gha due to his unorthodox procedures, Hikawa has left the protective city limits and made a new home outside the walls of Ehn’gha. He has never been heard from since.

The party met with Hikawa in the Tower of Mokoi where he now resides along with Kei. Due to his rare genetics, he is able to breathe normally in the Aether with no ill side effects and has continued his research in the depths of the abandoned city. Emi was a colleague of his, long before the Aether, and he lets the party know that she is not one to be trusted. He is curious of the object that Emi sent the party to retrieve and has asked for them to let him observe it before they take it back to her.

Disappointed that the Yahirono Himorogi was taken from the group, Hikawa offers to help track down Gaiorgos so the party can retrieve the artifact for him. However, he is in need of a handheld charger for his tracking device and tasked the party with acquiring one back in Ehn’gha.

Once the party returned with one, he discovered that Gaiorgos was en route to the city of Xalas, probably after the 2nd anomaly. Equipping the party with COMP’s, he allowed them to utilize the terminal in Mokoi to instantaneously teleport to Xalas in an effort to retrieve the artifact before the Dragonborn general does.




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