Jungo Torii


Jungo is the most prestigious chef in all of Ehn’gha able to create a feast from the tiniest of ingredients. He is a simple man who only gleans over the details of a fine dish. The diminishing food sources are a glaring problem for him and he wishes he could leave the city walls in an attempt to find new means of sustenance. Unless food is the topic at hand, Jungo is a quiet and gentle man so seeing mankind on the verge of starvation is incredibly distressing for him.

Jungo was with the initial party when they met with Emi in the Tower of Kagutsuchi. He was the last person to ingest a Magatama and was found to be incompatible with it. He mutated right before the groups’ eyes and was immediately whisked away by the Lith’gha.

Hikawa implied that his mutation may have been a ruse set up by Emi herself to get the group to work under her and may very well still be alive.

After returning to Ehn’gha, it has been confirmed that Jungo is, in fact, still alive.


Jungo Torii

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