Keita Sako


This young boy was found in an inverse pocket dimension at a Rafflesia Garden inside the Yahirono Forest. Half of the party went out of their way to save him from a vegetative state induced unto him by a demon named Arachne to aid her in a fight against another demon named Loa.

The group decided to help Arachne overcome Loa but his magic and summoned demonic swarms proved lethal to the group, leaving the young boy’s fate a mystery…

Upon returning through the rift, the party had found the young boy again though he seemed to have escaped from Arachne’s mind control earlier. Agitated merely at the sight of the allies, the young boy attacked them and proved to be much more powerful than a normal human being.

The party had managed to stave off his attacks long enough to subdue him. However, upon doing so, a mysterious voice called out to the child and gave him the energy he needed to rise again. Arcane tattoos appeared on the child’s body throughout the fight and he suddenly became even stronger than he was before. The party was massacred within seconds.

The boy then walked off into the darkness and hasn’t been seen since.


Keita Sako

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