The abomination that attacked the Toorkest and enslaved the ones on-board. It seems to have an agenda of it’s own and forces the non-human party to help, whether they want to or not.

Zezelryck revealed that he has been sent on a mission by Etria to retrieve an artifact guarded by a fiend in the city of Mokoi. Accepting this task, he foolishly attempted this solo and was quickly humbled. It was then that he escaped and made for the nearby Yahirono Forest where he came up with the plan to enslave others to help fight with him.

The ones he had enslaved had all gotten killed through their deaths and the rest of the party’s help, Zez was able to defeat the Harlot a second time around obtaining her soul along with her piece of the Candelabrum. Slightly bitter about the deaths he had inadvertently caused, Zez thinks it best that he continue his mission alone in order to not put the humans in danger who are trying to put a stop to the Aether.

He appears to have made some sort of deal with The Old Man and the Lady in Black


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