Sariel Soul


"One of the Seven Archangels. His name means “God’s command,” and he is said to be an angel of death. His role is to watch over human souls and prevent them from sinning. He also governs the phases of the moon, but as a result of telling that secret to humans, he fell from grace. He is said to have silently left the heavens with dignity. He also has an evil eye that can hurt anyone it falls upon.""

Bound to Marcos.

You gain the following passive abilities:

  • Fly 11
  • ???? (Unlocked at lvl 10)
  • ???? (Unlocked at lvl 11)
  • ???? (Unlocked at lvl 12)

You may use any ONE Sariel Soul ability once per encounter:

  • Sariel Soul: Mark of Death- STANDARD ACTION, Arcane, Fear, Range 5, Target: One enemy
    Effect: The enemy is marked (overrides any other mark and gives a -2 penalty to attack rolls that don’t include you as a target) and grants combat advantage to you (save ends both).

Sariel Soul

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