Tattooed Man Soul


“Japanese yakuza who have become demons. It is said that the larger the tattoo inked on their back by master artists, the greater the caliber of the man. Normally, they prize the yakuza code of conduct, but those who have fallen this far have no regard for it.”

Bound to Viktor.

You gain the following passive abilities:

  • Vulnerable Necrotic 5

You may use any ONE Tattooed Man Soul ability once per encounter:

Tattooed Man Soul: Binding Claw – _STANDARD ACTION*_, Martial, Melee 1, Target: One enemy
The target is dealt 3d6+10 damage and is immobilized (save ends).

  • Tattooed Man Soul: Psychic Deflection – IMMEDIATE REACTION, Arcane, Psychic, Triggers when you are hit by an attack, Target: An Ally You Can See
    You can deflect the damage you take from an attack to one of your allies. Any effects or secondary attacks included in the attack are also deflected to the chosen ally. The damage an ally takes in this way is considered psychic damage instead or the normal type. The damage an ally takes in this way is reduced by 4.

(EX: if you were to take 18 fire damage, your ally will instead take 14 psychic damage)

Tattooed Man Soul: Heat Wave – _STANDARD ACTION*_, Martial, Close Burst 2, Target: All enemies in burst
The targets are dealt 2d6+6 damage.

Tattooed Man Soul: Counter – _IMMEDIATE REACTION*_, Martial, Stance, Target: One enemy
Trigger: An enemy hits and damages you with a melee attack.
Effect: Roll a D20. On the roll of 19-20, you deal an equal amount of untyped damage back to the target.


Tattooed Man Soul

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