Turdak Soul


A Hindu executioner of judged souls, under the command of Yama, the god of death.
When Yama passes his judgement, it is Turdak`s task to haul the soul to the proper hell.

Bound to Marcos.

You gain the following passive abilities:

  • Darkvision
  • Perception +1
  • Retaliating Blades: Any creature that makes an opportunity attack against you takes 1d4 damage.

You may use any ONE Turdak Soul ability once per encounter:

  • Turdak Soul: Swordslash – STANDARD ACTION, Martial, Reach 2, Target: One enemy
  • The target is dealt 2d8+6 damage.
  • Turdak Soul: Rain of Steel – STANDARD ACTION, Martial, Close Burst 3, Target: All enemies in range
    The target is dealt 2d6+4 damage. Then slide the target 2 squares.

Turdak Soul

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