Azinleer, a city kept aloft by the power of Fey magic and technology, is home to a myriad of non-human races, most notably Manikin. Resting hundreds of miles above the surface, The Aether has become so sparse up there that the Lith’gha have become unable to discern what effect, if any, The Aether has had on the city.

Life on Azinleer is vastly primitive as there is little dependence on technological resources. Darwinism is the way of life here. The strong survive, the weak perish. Those unwilling to fight flee the city and take refuge in the surrounding forest or take their chances escaping the sky island entirely.

Notable NPC’s from Azinleer and the surrounding area include:

- Hades
- Etria
- Futomimi
- Gaiorgos
- Nike
- Prometheus
- Sakahagi
- Xiphos
- Zezelryck


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