The last known refuge for humanity since The Aether started spreading. A city once known for it’s technological advancements in society has now been reduced to a more rural setting. A giant see-through dome encases the entire city, protecting everyone within from the miasma’s harmful effects. The biodome itself also acts as a security device which repels any creature with demonic data that gets too close for comfort. The only way in or out of the city is through a single decontamination tunnel protected by members of the EDF.

The Lith’gha have taken residence in the Tower of Kagutsuchi, located in the center of town and everyone else has taken shelter wherever they could find it.

Though the end of humanity looms over, Ehn’gha is not without some modicum of civility. There exists a green house to cultivate enough produce for the entire city and a hospital as well. A massive generator lays underneath the town providing electricity all throughout.

Although Ehn’gha may very well be the last bastion of civilization, the people there do not dwell in depression. The strong personalities from every human there make every day more tolerable.

Notable civilian NPC’s include:

- Airi
- Fumi
- Hinako
- Jungo
- Junpei
- Keita
- Otome
- Ronaldo


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