A handful of scientists that have devoted themselves to the study of The Aether and how to get rid of it.

Emi Tachikawa is the senior member of the Lith’gha and the only one privy to public appearances. The rest of its members are lesser known as they rarely, if ever, leave the Tower of Kagutsuchi. They even go so far as to order the EDF to bring food to the tower so they can use more of their time for research. Their efforts are commendable as they have yielded extraordinary results including the creation of the bio-dome that repels The Aether from the city and the discovery of the Magatama.

Hikawa used to be a member of the Lith’gha but was exiled from the city due to his unorthodox practices and constant disagreement with the way Emi handled the organization.

Notable Lith’gha NPC’s include:

- Emi
- Tycho
- Amane


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