Mokoi is not only the city closest to Ehn’gha but it is also it’s architectural twin. About a year ago, the bio-dome security measures protecting the city malfunctioned allowing the surrounding demons to get close and crack the dome allowing The Aether to get inside.

Between the miasma and the invading demons, the city was completely overrun in a matter of hours and all communication with Mokoi was lost. It serves as a grim reminder of how dangerous the outside world is and how quickly things can change.

The city is now nothing more than a shadow of its former self. Corpses even litter the streets, most of which have been reanimated due to The Aether, seeking to snuff the life from any wandering creatures and add them to their undead ranks.

Despite this, Hikawa lives hidden away in the ruins of the city’s central tower, using the zombies as a form of protection barrier against the surrounding demons. Kei was first met down there along with him although it doesn’t appear as if she lives here with Hikawa.


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