Yahirono Forest

Yahirono Forest spans nearly the entire length between Mokoi and Ehn’gha. Before the Aether came, it was a lush, exotic forest home to a bevy of wild creatures but after the miasma’s taint, its beautiful trees have since turned ashen and even various plants have taken a mind of its own.

A swamp seems to have appeared out of nowhere which is now the comfy home of giant man-eating worms. The once beautiful stream flowing with pristine water now flows with a sludge-like pus which carries parasitic annelids as well as hostile slime. Despite the corruption though, a beautiful garden of Rafflesias remains untouched by the fog and is the only beautiful scenery left in the place. The tree in the middle of the garden appears to have an arcane link and is capable of sending anybody who touches it into a parallel dimension.

A demon named Hariti claimed to have been the “mother” of the forest and protected it against outsiders. She prevented the group from reaching Mokoi peacefully and with her fairy bodyguards she proved to be more than a match for the party although they were victorious against her In the end.

Notable NPCs that live in Yahirono Forest include:

-Visitor Q
- Hamsa

Yahirono Forest

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